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The ongoing expansion of information and global communication technologies are posing serious challenges to existing human institutions.  Moreover, we are, as thinking sapiens, faced with many other diverse and intricate challenges—such as climate change, poverty, social inequalities, divergent economic growth, energy security, terrorist threats, to name but a few.  It is now accepted that in our interdependent world, coordinated creative solutions are essential to tackle the ever-increasing problems; in other words, the emerging political, economic and legal landscape is forcing us to rethink the future. 
Laws and indeed legal ideas play a significant role transforming and generating human, political, social and economic behaviour. 
It is with the above premises in mind that MC Academy for International Legal Studies (“MC Academy”) was born.  It is a think tank that has been created in order to contribute towards the advancement of legal knowledge with particular emphasis on devising ways that will facilitate the process of bridging legal cultures.  In order to sustain this process, MC Academy will set up dynamic and topical educational, training and research programmes.  Programmes that will be constantly enriched with educational and technological innovations in the field of legal education and training.  MC Academy programmes are set out in clusters each of which is dedicated to a particular field of international or transnational law. 
Moreover, MC Academy provides a platform for focused debate with the aim of enhancing legal knowledge and subsequently identifying ideas that will lead to informed and constructive research. 
Striving to fulfil its mission and achieve its aims, MC Academy will regularly engage renowned international experts, academics and practitioners from all relevant fields.



Making A Difference


Create high-quality course materials with international dimension and international research papers.


Merge academic and theoretical knowledge with advanced practical expertise.


Bring together international students, law firms, corporations, academics, entrepreneurs, researchers/research networks and innovators.


Offer a high-tech innovative platform in various fields of law.

"Because we believe in Power of Ideas, Freedom of Thought and Legal Innovation for a Better Future for Humanity."

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September 20, 2018

This webinar deals with a few specific questions such as: the immutability of Blockchain transactions; the nature and scope of “smart contracts”, and; forced trust in Blockchain financial transactions. 

Our panellist are:
Mr. Adrien van den Branden, Co-founder of Law Is Code
Ms. Olga V. Mack, Blockchain Strategist & Adjunct Professor at Berkeley Law
Ms. Tanja Bivic, President of Blockchain Alliance Europe
Mr. Clemens Hufeld, Founding Member of MLTech

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